Contributions of ten dollars or more can be made by credit card or by PayPal account through:


Note: PayPal is owned by EBay, Tigertail Associates has no relationship with either PayPal or EBay except to use their financial services for accepting credit card donations and money transfers. If you use the PayPal button you will enter a secure e-commerce site operated by PayPal. Although we believe this company is taking precautions to maintain strict security measures to protect the information you provide, we can not be absolutely sure and can not be responsible if they fail to do so.

We promise that all information that we get from PayPal about your transaction will be used only for our accounting and to contact you if there are any problems. We may occasionaly use your information to inform you of changes to the website or to tell you about new policies we may institute. However we will not sell or otherwise distribute any information you give us to third parties. We hate spam as much as you do.

There are many projects that we would like to do, but we lack funding to do them. If you would like to fund a project in education, or in ways technology can influence the arts or humanities please contact us by email at

So that an educational, non-profit, non-advertising presence on the Internet can continue; we are seeking endowment funds. If you are considering a major educational donation, you can benefit the development of a large number of young people across the world by helping fund our endowment.

Tigertail Associates is a California Non-Profit Corporation formed in 1983.

It is chartered under United States Tax law as a charity. Formally this is designated by section 501(c)(3) of the US tax code. This means that contributions can be deducted as charitable donations from US individual income taxes.

For those who would like to see a copy of the letter from the US IRS authorizing 501(c)(3) for Tigertail Associates, click here (it is a Megabyte, so don't do it unless you really need it), feel free to print it for your records. In addition, if you contact us by email and give us your mailing address, we will send you an acknowlegment letter detailing your contribution.